Mabuhay! This is Gurô Albine. I'm inviting you to join my Group Coaching!

I'll be there for you and meet you up as a private group. My presentations are applicable to both beginners and intermediate students in Tagalog. Come as you are! No one will judge you because...

No one is better than the other with regards to learning & practicing a second or third language

Be very engaged in your regular Tagalog Practice.

This group activity is essentially a General Tagalog Practice because I'm focused on improving your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in Tagalog.

The objectives of this FREE weekly Tagalog tutorial are the following:

  1. Beginners & Intermediate students will be able to build their Tagalog vocabulary
  2. Beginners will be able to understand Tagalog common words & phrases
  3. Beginners will be able to pronounce Tagalog words like native speakers
  4. Intermediate students will be able to construct simple Tagalog sentences
  5. All participants will be able to find their language partners

When is this Tagalog Group Coaching happening?

There are two sessions of General Tagalog Practice every Saturday, except when I'm on a break or when it's impossible for me to show up. Should the coaching be temporarily unavailable, I'll write a Newsletter through this website and/or post my announcement through social media sites that I'm subscribed to; e.g. Facebook Private Group, YouTube Community, or Instagram.

The proceeding section tells you when is this Tagalog FREE tutorial happening so I wish that you'd block your calendar and get excited about your journey in acquiring your second (or third) language.

Join our Session 1...

👉 Saturdays at 10:10 AM (Eastern) via Jitsi Meet code "tagalogwithalbinegroup".

Or join our Session 2...

👉 Saturdays at 4:10 PM (Eastern) via Google Meet code "mir rbxy pqz".

Now you know when and where to go. If you wish to speak Tagalog fast, you'll be there consistently and hopefully will NOT accept other commitments within the time allotted to General Tagalog Practice: either Session 1 or Session 2.

It's a disservice to yourself if you won't consider it a part of your weekly routine.

Who shall NOT attend in this Tagalog tutorial?

This group coaching calls Do Not provide successive lessons on Tagalog Grammar and it's important for all participants to commit to their own due diligence in this particular area of Tagalog studies. If grammar is what you need, simply buy that Grammar Textbook but I'll be able to answer your questions on certain areas where you find a section of the grammar book difficult.

If you need a complete module on Tagalog grammar, this Free Group Coaching is not for you...

But you may go ahead and enroll in my One On One Premium Courses. Click the button below so I may be able to send you details of your chosen Premium Package:

What if I miss at least one of the weekly Tagalog Group Coaching Calls?

I understand that things happen in your own household or locality but I appreciate if you'd notify me a day or two before the next session; or it's also fine if you'd shoot me a message after a day or two.

I may not cry if you'll be absent once in a while but you'll miss a great deal of learning opportunity in Tagalog language. Should you wish to catch up with our past sessions, those are accessible through Tagalog With Albine podcast.

Another way for you to catch up with missed sessions is through my Patreon page.

If this is a Free Tutorial in Tagalog language, what's the catch?

The fact that you're spending your precious time with me is priceless. This FREE Tagalog tutorial is essential in mastering my craft. This is where I understand my students' needs. This is where you'd meet me "in person" so you can comfortably tell me your pain in your Tagalog journey.

As I'm really so sincere in helping people learn Tagalog for free, maybe one day you'll express how valuable my creations are to you...

While a good number of Porenoys & Porenays are seriously action takers, I still wish to see constant supporters who'd do any of the following:

  1. Pay it forward
  2. Invite your friends or family to join our Group Coaching Calls
  3. Leave me a testimonial
  4. Participate in our Big Events on special occassions
  5. Sign up for a Membership Program
  6. Be my patron on Patreon
  7. Donate a few bucks
  8. Buy our merchandise on Tee Springs

I'll be happy to hear from you. Should you have questions regarding this announcement, kindly leave me a message.

And "salamat" for considering Tagalog as your second or third language.